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IAA - International Aircraft Associates


IAA is a material and support services company, specializing in Commercial Aviation as an Aftermarket Parts Stockist and Redistributor. IAA supports a worldwide market of customers consisting of FAA/EASA Engine & Accessory Repair Stations, Airframe MRO's, Lease and Finance Organizations, Airlines, OEM's and their authorized distributors.



AOG Services


AOG Services have joined together with like minded partners with extensive industry experience to provide a diverse and tailored collection of services targeted specifically to the Airline industry. Each service provider is established and well known for providing services in their area’s of expertise.



Daedalus Aviation Group


Daedalus Aviation Group is a multinational organization active in the aviation industry. Daedalus covers a wide range of services comprising: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Technical services, Manpower, Upgrade Projects, Administrative Services, Avionics repair and Components. As an ISO9001=2000 certified company, Daedalus employs technical specialists of various nationalities. The nature of the individual companies within the group contribute to a highly flexible operation which performs under the most difficult circumstances. In order of fulfill customer needs, Daedalus Aviation Group has various strategic alliances to accomplish an enhanced level of quality and services.





The STTR InspectCam SDMS Laser Measurement System (SDMS) is a surface deformation measurement system that was developed, in conjunction with Qantas, to specifically address the issue of fuselage skin “scribe mark” damage on aircraft. SDMS inspects and measures scribe mark damage to the fuselage skin of aircraft. The STTR solution for assessing and measuring fuselage skin damage is cost effective and highly reliable. Check brochure here.




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